A Buying Guide For The Car’s Exhaust System

The exhaust system of a vehicle consists of different parts which help in guiding the car’s exhaust in the right direction. Some of the by-products of combustion include toxic and combustible gases. There is, therefore, need to eliminate these pollutants from the exhaust. This system is also useful in reducing noise. The following are the main components or parts of the exhaust system: catalytic converter, silencer, and exhaust manifold. Some of these parts are relatively expensive.

The various parts can be purchased from the retail stores or online. You can save a lot of money by buying some of these components from the online stores such as eBay. This will be useful in reducing the time spent when moving from one store to another. Again you will also have a chance of reading the various reviews from the different customers. Shoppers are advised to familiarize themselves with these parts before purchasing them. This will help them in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each component.

Car exhaust parts

These parts are categorized by the system where they belong to or the role they perform. The main components are the exhaust manifold, the silencer, and the catalytic converter. There are some old vehicles which might not have all these components. It is therefore important for the car owners to familiarize themselves with their cars before purchasing these parts. You can understand the mechanical system of your vehicle’s exhaust system by thoroughly reading the vehicle’s manual.

Exhaust manifold

This is one of the most important components of the vehicle’s exhaust system. This is the part which is attached to the engine’s cylinder head. It is used for guiding the exhaust gases produces from the engine during the combustion process. It is made from cast iron or steel, but most of the after-market manufacturers prefer using spray fine ceramic instead of steel. Fine ceramic can help in improving longevity, performance and it is much easier to clean as compared to steel.


Oxygen sensors

These are part of the control system. They are attached to the vehicles’ exhaust system at the end of the exhaust manifold pipe. They are used for measuring the ratio of the air –fuel ratio, calculating pollution rates and determining the efficiency of your engine.

Exhaust manifold gaskets

These gaskets are attached between the engine and the manifold ports. It used for maintaining adequate pressure. They are supposed to be air tight.


The silencer is also referred toad a muffler. This part is used responsible for minimizing noise which is produced by the engine and the exhaust system. It is considered to one of the heaviest and largest mechanical components in a vehicle.

Catalytic converter

This part is used in eliminating the pollutants found in the exhaust gases. There are some places where drivers are not allowed to operate a vehicle which has a catalytic converter which is not properly fitted.