Ed McGuinness

Name: Ed McGuinness
AKA: Ed, EMc2K?, Edex (w/Dexter Vines!)
D.O.B.: March 1, 1974
Fav. Comics: Silver Age Stuff And Anything Drawn Good!
Fav. Hobbies: Warhammer 40k (Necrons and Space Marines), Vids (PC and Console), and watching any pro wrestling I can
Finishing Move: The Lawndart

About: When Ed realized his 5’10’, 170 lb. frame wouldn’t support a career in the WWE, he grappled comics… moving quickly from cruiser wieght status via Vampirella, Ed clawed his why up the ranks after dominating the squared circle, with pin after pin, against opponents ranging from Deadpool to the Fighting American to Cable to The Hulk and finally landing the Intercontinental Title with the sleeper; Mr. Majestic. After proving his excellence of execution, it was time jump into the fray of Heavyweight competition. The Lead Lunatic’s first opponent in this high stakes game was none other than the man of steel himself… Superman! Undaunted by this legendary challenge, Ed took the “S” to new hieghts. He was on the road to the big one… until suddenly he was distracted by a fued with the Thundercats; a child hood nemesis, returned to wreak havoc. Tooth and nail it went until the powerful penciller claimed yet one more victory that spring boarded him straight to main event status. In August of 2003, Ed crushed the competition in a brutal climb to the top and came home with the gold, after applying The Lawndart to Superman/Batman for the count heard ’round the world. Thus the story begins… so say your prayers and eat your vitamins ’cause there many worthy rivals yet to come…