Top 10 BEST & WORST Comic video games ever! August 08, 2004

David “The Man” Chapman isn’t just a Xilla… he’s also a spy! GameSpy that is. Usually we don’t plug other gaming sites—after all, it takes bread outta my mouth!
Dave’s new articles are too fun, too debatable to miss out on! Check out these links for the full lists, then hit the forums and screech your opinions there!

the BEST:


I disagree simply with the order of the best games. Capcom’s Marvel series are amazing, but they have very little to do with the criteria of Super-heroing. For that matter, I would place Spidey 2 on top. I guess that’s a debate I dare not touch!

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What is Alien Hominid?? August 07, 2004

It’s not often I see a new game that makes me actually stand up to get closer to my monitor and really soak in the visuals, but ‘Alien Hominid’ (from “the Behemoth” and “O~3 Entertainment”, coming soon on the PS2 and Gamecube) honestly made my jaw drop. This is not a gag. My mouth was wide open, my thumbs and eyes in disbelief. Does someone have the grapefruits to actually release a new, non-sequel, non-Capcom, hand drawn, side scroller not based on a license or for the GBA? Thank the lord, someone is!
If you are a regular here, you know our love of all things 2-D, old skool, creative, visually innovative. Not to mention ‘Alien Hominid’ has some sweet character design. Just look at those Ruskies! I busted a gut when I caught the mechanical chicken design on the ‘Alien Hominid’ site.


See the chicken here:

There’s even an excellent video sample of the game that will make you desire it like Pam Anderson pre Hep C.

Ya, sometimes we’ll gush about your Splinter Cell 2’s, your Ninja Gaiden’s—we love games. These guys are so underground, so self reliant and creative, I encourage you to visit and support creators like this. DUDE! Every single part of the game is HAND DRAWN!!!
‘Nuff said.

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Gamexilla welcomes a REAL writer! August 05, 2004

Lets face it—Gamexilla is full of hacks. But we love video games, and have fun sharing that love with you. Now, though, we would like to welcome real world pro-non-hack-video game writer, David Chapman!
Who is David Chapman?

Website: http://wldcard.blogspot.com
AKA: WldCard
DOB: April 1, 1976
Fav. Video Games: Halo, War of the Monsters, Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Fav. Comics: Firearm, Ghost Rider, Hellboy
Fav. Hobbies: Writing, cooking, and video games

By all accounts, David had a fairly normal childhood growing up. Eventually, he started managing a comic shop … a job he ended up going back to off and on for the better part of ten years. Periodically, David broke up the monotony of the daily routine by doing some freelance journalism. Soon he found himself dedicating more and more time to his writing. After almost a decade of working in the comic industry, David decided it was time to rearrange his priorities and start doing the journalism gig full time. Since that time, David has been turning his love of comics and video games into a career writing for such places as Play Magazine, GameSpy, and the television show Electric Playground … and this is only the beginning. David’s been keeping so busy that now he’s had to start up a web log so that people can keep track of where he’s at and what he’s up to. Joining David in all of his adventures is his trusty sidekick, WonderMutt. This basenji/chow mixed breed has stood faithfully by David’s side for over six years.

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Nintendo news nation (I’ve lost count)—Zelda: Minish Cap July 31, 2004

The GBA has been a 2-D lovers dream come true. With the advent of 3-D tech, most people were WAY to quick to abandon thier roots. For me as a fan, it was upsetting to go from the artisticly detailed worlds on the SNES/Genesis to the suddenly brown & pixelatred world of the PS1.
Thank you GBA. For without you, the spectacle that is “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (TBD ’05)” would never exist.

Let’s start with the obvious. Link to the Past is still revered as many to be the greatest game of its generation. It amazed in every category. It still sees rotation in my library. The Minish Cap shares the over head 2-D of “Past”, but with the design and style from “Wind Waker”. The GBA really shows off its power with some incredible graphics in “Cap”.

So what the heck is a Minish Cap? It looks like Links famous green cap can shrink him to miniscule dimensions, alowing him to solve certain wee-puzzles, battle teeny-enemies, and probably become full with a single bite of an appetizer, eliminating the need for the main course! Wow!
Cap will also allow you to take advantage of the upcoming GBA Wireless Adapter for multiplayer sans cables. 2-D fans, unite!