Lesean Thomas

Name: Lesean Thomas
Web: http://leseanthomas.com
AKA: LeS, Nat Burner, Snaggle Tooth, Jump-Off!
D.O.B. : September 26, 1975
Fav. Food: Competition
Fav. Comics: Heavy Liquid, CannonBusters, THB
Fav. Artists: Kazuto Nakazawa, Artxilla Crew, Paul Pope, Takeshi Koike

About: LeSean was born in 1975, the year Civil War began in Lebanon. The year North Vietnamese took Saigon, ending the Vietnam War. The year USA and Soviet spaceships, Apollo and Soyuz, test flights docked, the year Spanish Dictator, Franco, bites the bullet, The first condom commercial was aired, the first personal computer was introduced and Microsoft was founded. What does that all have to do with this Uber-Talent? Nothing, really…but ya boy sure loves to draw. Born and raised as a child of Hip Hop in the “Mecca” (South Bronx), he grew up copying his older brother to get attention and stuck with one of the many attempts, drawing. Through all the booty-chasing and fly-dressing as a teenager to get romance, his first love was right under his nose. Art. This love affair that cost him many-o-summer afternoons and park jams, soon blossomed into holy matrimony. Romantic crap aside, LeS’ self-taught eye for movement and kinetics has landed him comic stints with Dreamwave Productions(TMNT ANIMATED, ARKANIUM) and jobs in animation, storyboarding and character designs For MTV, Nickelodeon, highlights include Helping Pioneer the Flash animated web series Phenomenon by helping create the very popular first ever flash animated web series, www.whirlgirl.com as conceptual designer, Storyboard artist, Layouts/ Illustrator from ‘97-2000, Assistant animator on Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire show and currently, Warner Bros Animation Studios as Story Board artist on WB’s “Teen Titans” cartoon series which is going into its second season. Outside of laying foundation for animated projects and television shows, LeS has put his spare creative energy into his own projects, “BattleSeed” his first fully directed flash-animated webseries for www.othervision.com, his current www.cannonbusters.com, a creator-owned fantasy series and his upcoming Art Directed collaboration project with Rocafella Records, “Play pen” animated show, and “DRAMA KINGS” a creator-owned Hip Hop action thriller comic series.