Mobile Phone Accessories

There are different types of mobile phone’s cases which help in making the usage of your phone pretty convenient. Contrary to the old mobile phones which were bulky in nature, the modern phones are made from sleek slabs of metal, glass, and plastic. These phones are light and fragile. An accidental fall or a tumble can dent the body, damage its screen or even make your phone irreparable.

Continued usage of these phones can also leave some smudge marks on them thereby destroying their aesthetic wholeness. It is therefore important to purchase covers and cases for your mobile phones. These cases are protective in nature-protect your device from accidental damage. Besides they will also in making your phone stylish by giving it a personalized flourish.

Mobile phone covers and cases

These covers and cases have been in use since in the mid-1980s with the entry of the first phones in the market. The first devices were very expensive, and there was therefore and to protect them from damage. The covers were also used for adding a personalized touch. There has been a great revolution in the mobile phones industry since the late 1990s. The current market is now flooded with thousands of tough, sturdy and low-cost mobile. The increase in toughness and low cost of these phones had eliminated the functional need for covers and cases in the early 2000s. In fact, covers were only meant to facilitate their storage.

A further revolution in the mobile industry has lead to the invention of the current touch screen phones. The Apple iPhone successfully launched this boom in 2007. These phones have a delicate screen which needs to be protected by use of covers and cases. There are some tough components including the Gorilla glass which have also been designed to protect the modern phones, but the use of phone covers and cases has remained strong. The modern cases are meant for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Types of mobile phone covers and cases

There are different types of mobile phone cases which differ regarding functionality, design, and aesthetics. Some are meant for offering maximum protection and others for adding stylistic flourishes.

Sleeves, pouches, and socks

These cover are made using soft materials such as canvas and other fabrics. They provide a complete cover to the phone thus providing the highest degree of protection. They will protect your phone against scratches. They are also cheap and easy to clean.


These are rigid covers made from hard plastic. They are used for covering the back of your phone. The will make your phone’s screen easily accessible, but the buttons remain uncovered. However, this cover cannot protect your phone against accidental damage.