Sanford! Lesean! Kimo and his giant beard!
Yep, Artxilla was represented, and we want to thank the fans and pros who came by, said ‘HI’, and had a fantastic time!

For those who wonder “Where’s the Artxilla love?” check out this news.
It may be tiny, but we did get a mention in this months Wizard X. Look for a sidebar in the opening news section, Wizard was nice enough to plug the site. Big ups to them.

Even bigger though, will be LeSean “I’m ready for my close-up” Thomas’ indepth interview by the amazing folks at Electric Playground on G4-TechTV. That’s right, Cannon Busters is Prime Time baby! Check out their site— www.elecplay.com . They have great game news and info. (not as good as Gamexilla though—hehehe—kidding.) You may even see a couple of G4 writers doing guest reviews on Gamexilla! Cool! It’s a crossover! How comic booky of us. We’ll let you all know when that’s ready to hit the airwaves.
Keep a look out though for EP and Judgment Day on G4. They are both hilarious, informative, and Vic & Tommy love us geeks! Special thanks to David Chapman for his support of Artxilla, and Cannon Busters.

Speaking of CB, the reaction has been overwhelming! We always had faith that CB is a great comic, but it’s nice to be recognized for all the hard work we all put behind it. The #0’s sold like crazy, so if you were able to get one, treasure that baby!

All in all, the guys had a great time! I wish we could say more. I’ll just drop that a ton of handshakes were made behind closed doors, and this is only the begining for Artxilla. Thank you all for the support, and don’t forget—2 more con stops! Chicago, with the Artxilla Sketchbook, CB#0, Contests and more!
Toronto? Maybe…