Sanford Greene

Name: Sanford Greene
Web: http://sanfordgreene.com
AKA: San Man, Don Meraco, Darkgreen
D.O.B.: January 1, 1972 ( new years baby )
Fav. Food: Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Neckbone and Rice
Fav. Comics: ?
Fav. Artists: Michael Golden, ARTXILLA!!! (my peoples ), Capcom Crew

About: Comin’ from the dirty south of South Kakalak, Sanford grew up on choppin’ wood, guttin’ pigs and comics!!! It all began one hot summer day with Sanford’s discovery of his first comics at the local K-Mart… Sanford came across one of those 3 comics in a pack deals that included Avengers, Iron Man and the HULK!!! Sanford’s mom noticed his interest in those funnybooks because she knew he a talent for drawin’ and seen him attempt to draw these superheros before, so she decided to buy them for him. Little did she realize that one purchase would’ve open a whole new world for her son!!! From that moment on, he new what he wanted to do. Fast forward to the year 2000. Sanford Graduates with a Bachelors ( with honors!!! ) in Illustration and Graphic Design. He then received a job as a graphic designer for Bell South. This was a great opportunity for him, but he felt a void in his career and knew what he needed to do to fulfill it. So Sanford began to shop his portfolio around to different comic companies at comic conventions, internet wherever he could get and opportunity. Not long after, one company took notice and gave him a chance, Dark Horse Comics gave him his first pro work penciling “Planet Of The Apes” and also drawing some “Spy Boy” short stories. From there Sanford left his secure, good payin’ job and pursued his career as comic illustrator!!! He has since then worked for DC Comics on “Superman”, Starwars for Dark Horse, Dreamwave Prod., 88 MPH Studios and so on. Dark Horse just recently contracted him a mini series called “Galactic” and is currently drawing a new Hip Hop graphic novel with acclaimed writer Chris Preist for Metron Press. Sanford has also been busy out side of comics as well. He is working with Kevin Grevioux on an animation concept. He is also doing some CD design work for several hip hop artist and deejays. In the near furture Sanford also looks forward to developing several creator owned properties as well… “Galactic Rascals” and “Dragon’s 7″…